Owner:ERMC and Triangle Town Center Mall
Date:March 21, 2013

Triangle Town Center

This project consisted of 2 phases. Phase I was the repair of a failed stream step pool, removal of invasive vegetation,  restoration of the forebay levee,  and excavation of the forebay of the wet pond. The project required dewatering and pump around, installation of 5 step pool structures and the excavation and removal of approximately 4000 cy of waste.  An additional wet pond on the property water level was lowered and water level control structures were inspected and invasive plants were treated.  The project required installation of an access road for future maintenance as needed. The project fell under the city of Raleigh’s stormwater rules.

Phase II of the project reclaimed the footprint of a wetpond spillway which had become overgrown and blocked  by trees and other vegetation.  Additionally the wetland dam and spillway had been dammed by beaver activity; the spillway was reconstructed and repaired to the original dimensions and specifications. Invasive plant species were treated in the wetland as well. Wright Contracting was also responsible for beaver removal, almost a dozen beavers were trapped and removed from the property.