Owner:North Carolina Ecosystem Enhancement Program (NCEEP)
Date:March 21, 2013

Louisburg High School

Wright Contracting was awarded the contract by the NCEEP. Project was implemented to reduce high flow stormwater from the school property which was deteriorating the highway right of way and damaging a parking lot entrance. Additionally the project was implemented to reduce pollution in to the local watershed and slow the runoff being discharged from the schools impermeable surfaces. This project is one of the largest and one of very few bioretetion projects let by NCEEP.  The project was retrofitted on to an existing stormwater system at Louisburg High School.  Stormwater pipe was removed and Installation of a stormwater outlet structure,  underdrains, gravel, bioretention media, landscaping (Including planting trees and sod).  The project will be used for testing the effectiveness of such projects and as a teaching tool for students. The project also repaired the drainage next to the highway and stabilized the area. The project added an interesting functional landscape to the high school and beautified an area that served little function on the property. It is a highly visible area that will promote our industry. GPS technology was used to construct the project.