Date:April 02, 2013

Jacob’s Ladder Stream Restoration

Jacob’s Ladder is Phase I of a two part project contracted to Wright Contracting, LLC by KCI. The project consists of three reaches on rural farm land in Rowan County, NC. Approximately 20 Acres of the total 5389 linear feet of the project restoration will be planted with native vegetation and preserved and protected for future generations. One interesting fact on the project this will be the second time the reaches have been moved by equipment. During early farming operations on the property to create more farm-able land the creeks were straightened and became very much incised. The project is realigning the streams almost to the same alignment they were at many years ago. Cattle have also trampled the banks and roamed freely in the stream. New fencing and watering wells were installed to protect the newly constructed stream and keep farming operations normal. The farm specializes in grass-fed beef and requires cattle to be on a rotation between fields regularly, installation of box culvert crossings will aid in keeping the farm running smoothly, and Construction of the project has required skillful installation of several in-stream structures in addition to the grading and earthwork. Step pools, constructed riffles, soil lifts, riffle enhancements, ephemeral pools and stone toe stabilization. The project utilized straw wattles as bank protection eliminating the need for silt fence along the newly constructed floodplain cuts. Wright Contracting utilized GPS machine control on the project for greater accuracy and better construct-ability.