Owner:Chapel Hill Parks and Recreation
Date:March 21, 2013

Baldwin Park

The Stormwater BMP and Stream Stabilization project at Baldwin Park was made possible through a partnership between the NCSU Stream Restoration Program, the Town of Chapel Hill, the Town of Carrboro and Wright Contracting which performed all construction activities for the project. Stream restoration, including changes in channel cross-section, reducing bank slopes, creating a bankfull bench, and improving riffle and pool habitats were designed and implemented on about 600 feet of stream. Stream enhancement was designed and implemented on an additional 400 feet of the Chapel Hill tributary. Three BMPs for handling street runoff were placed at the upper ends of the streams to prevent degradation of the restored channels.

In addition to the restoration of the stream the project was also used as a teaching opportunity for the general public. Wright Contracting helped with educational and instructional tours that were given during and after the completion of the project.